Civic & Community Involvement

 The law firm of Vriezelaar, Tigges, Edgington, Bottaro, Boden & Ross, L.L.P. first opened its doors in 1995. Since that time, the members of the firm have consistently demonstrated both their commitment to their clients as well as the Siouxland community and society as a whole.


Members of the firm have been actively involved in the following civic and community organizations:

  • Siouxland Humane Society
  • Boys and Girls Home
  • Boys and Girls Home
  • Iowa Association for Justice
  • Sioux City Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Sioux City Board of Adjustment
  • Sioux City Design Standards Committee
  • Siouxland Housing Development Corporation
  • Woodbury County Bar Association
  • Iowa Bar Association
  • Nebraska Bar Association
  • South Dakota Bar Association



  • Counsel on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
  • Downtown Partners
  • Sioux City Design Works
  • Art Center Association of Sioux City
  • Siouxland Estate Planning Council
  • Woobury County Bar Association-Fee Arbitration Committee
  • Sioux City Public Library Foundation
  • Iowa Lawyers Trust Account Commission
  • State Judicial Nominating Commission
  • 3B Judicial Nominating Commission
  • Iowa Department of Transportation