Real Estate: Residential, Agricultural & Commercial

Our law firm represents a wide variety of clients in the acquisition and/or sale of commercial, residential, and agricultural property.  The purchase or sale of real estate involves numerous disciplines.  Our law firm has extensive experience in structuring the various real estate transactions which meet our client’s needs.

We Can Help

The following are examples of the areas in which we assist our clients:

  •  Title Opinions and Title Clearing Services
  •  Real Estate Acquisition and Sales: Purchase Agreements, Real Estate Purchase Contracts & Deeds

  •  Real Property Subdivision and Development
  •  Residential and Commercial Property Leasing
  •  Evictions – Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial Property
  •  Partition Actions (Litigation)
  •  Reviewing Survey and Building Plans
  •  Planning and Zoning and Board of Adjustment issues
  •  Eminent Domain and Condemnation
  •  Easement and Licensing
  •  Real Estate Financing and Loan Workouts
  •  Townhouse and Condominium Development
  •  1031 Exchanges
  •  Redevelopment Agreements
  •  Encroachments