Immigration Law


Generally speaking, immigration involves someone applying to live in a country where they do not have citizenship. Examples include:

  • Visiting the United States on a Visa;
  • Studying in the United States on a Visa;
  • Working in the United States with a work permit, green card, or special visa;
  • Hiring someone to work in the United States;
  • Living in the United States permanently through your employer or family petition or by adjusting your status; and/or
  • Living in the United States permanently by applying for citizenship through naturalization, acquisition, or derivation.

Applying can be a lengthy, confusing, and very complicated process, especially when immigration laws are constantly changing. Not to mention the emotional turmoil this process can cause. It is best to have a licensed attorney assist in the process.

Our immigration attorney and staff are ready and willing to help with your immigration needs. We have been able to help people all across the United States with their individual, family, and business immigration matters. In fact, our team members are children of immigrants and first-generation Americans themselves. They know firsthand the beauty and importance of the American Dream. Now, their American Dream is to help you achieve yours. Together, we can!

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